Jeff is an established business professional with nearly 30 years of experience in sales, marketing, and sales management. The majority of his career has been spent in the pharmaceutical industry where he grew several mature brands and launched multiple new brands both in the US and internationally. After his tenure in marketing, Jeff moved into pharmaceutical sales management where he managed a sales team of over 75 associates.

During this time, Jeff saw a growing need in men’s healthcare, and began to focus his study in the area of men’s sexual health. The most obvious area of significance was in the arena of erectile dysfunction given the enormous numbers of men who suffer with the condition yet were unwilling to discuss the topic — even with their physician. Beyond this, the studies around low-testosterone and the growing population of men who were afflicted with low-t also garnered Jeff’s attention. Given that many men are often reluctant to see a doctor on a consistent basis, especially when it comes to erectile dysfunction, Jeff sought to de-stigmatized the topic to open the door for men to talk about their overall health situation. This began the road to evaluate how this might be done in a clinical environment.

In 2014 Jeff and his brother, Jason, opened the first Rocky Mountain Men’s Clinic in Denver, Colorado. Since that time, the organization has grown quickly to multiple affiliated practice locations nationwide and treated tens of thousands of men. Jeff’s focus is to create a comfortable environment for men to get the highest level of medical care and outcomes while at the same time receiving a true “five-star” experience.

Jeff is proud to be able to support men through the challenging topic of their sexual health. It is important to him to let men know that there are treatment options that can dramatically change their lives for the better.

Jeff received his MBA in Marketing and Operations from Vanderbilt University, Owen Graduate School of Management.

Kurt is a business professional with 20-plus years experience in sales, sales management, operations management, distribution relations, and professional services management. Prior to his role with Atlantic Men's Clinic, he was employed at both Novartis and Eli Lilly which garnered him significant capabilities in the areas of medical protocols, pharmaceuticals, and other associated medical categories. This, coupled with his impressive professional background, have equipped Kurt with the skills to help set Atlantic Men's Clinic up for success.

The opportunity to help build the leading organization in the category of Men’s Health inspired Kurt to join the leadership team for Atlantic Men's Clinic. Wanting to be a part of changing the lives of men across the U.S., Tallstrom believes Atlantic Men's Clinic is the place to be. With their world-class patient care teams and high levels of patient satisfaction, Atlantic Men's Clinic is actively changing lives for the better, by helping regain their confidence and positively impacting their relationships one day at a time.  

Tallstrom believes that with the excellent medical care, world-class patient care teams and the strong patient satisfaction Atlantic Men's Clinic practices provide, that men everywhere can drastically improve their sex lives and overall well-being, and he is very excited to see Atlantic Men's Clinic grow.

Kurt received a Bachelor of Business Administration with minors in Marketing and Management from Cumberland University.

Dr. Abrams has significant prowess in the practice of Urology with over 40 years of medical and clinical experience in the field. His background is both broad and diverse and includes a number of prestigious medical organizations including seven years as a Medical Supervisor with the Boston Medical Group. In that capacity, Henry’s capabilities and leadership brought much to the practice in helping patients and adding to the organization. 

Dr. Abrams believes that all men deserve to have a fulfilling life and to enjoy intimacy for as long as they would wish to. As such, he found the Atlantic Men’s Clinic to be a great place to continue his personal mission of increasing awareness of effective treatments to improve and maintain male sexual function. Additionally, his desire to help expand the overarching aspects of male sexual and restorative health care is a perfect fit with the Atlantic Men’s Clinic mission to help men in these critical areas of life.

As the former Governor of the American College of Surgeon, Dr. Abrams is a valuable member of our team and brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and capability to the Atlantic Men’s Clinic. But beyond all this, it is his commitment to improving the lives of our patients that adds so much to our breadth of therapies and high level of personalized care.  

Dr. Abrams received a Bachelor of Science at City College of NY and an MD at NY Medical.

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