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Do you suffer with Erectile Dysfunction, Low Testosterone, or Premature Ejaculation issues? If you do, you know the emotional and physical toll that they can play in your life; however, you also need to know that you are not alone. At the Atlantic Men’s Clinic, we’re specialists in men’s sexual health and if you’re like most men, we can effectively treat you. We offer many treatments and treatment combinations that are amazingly effective and really can change your life. We’ve successfully treated thousands of men across Florida with discretion and compassion. Contact us today for a confidential medical consultation.

Effective treatments for: Erectile Dysfunction, Low Testosterone, and Premature Ejaculation

Erectile Dysfunction

At some point in their lives, most men suffer from Erectile Dysfunction and some have been suffering for longer than they want. Almost 90% of men suffering with ED can be treated. Atlantic Men’s Clinic offers treatments you can expect results from during your very first visit… even when all other solutions have failed.

Introducing IntraPulse

Combinative Wave Therapy Protocols for Erectile Dysfunction

Comprehensive Erectile Dysfunction treatment is something the Atlantic Men’s Clinic now offers. This treatment program combines Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) with other treatment protocols that, depending on your medical situation, can help you achieve far better results than using ESWT by itself.

Our own innovation of a treatment program is called IntraPulse. This was developed because we found that, for many men, ESWT treatments by themselves might not have been satisfactory to treat their symptoms of ED. We wanted the goal of significantly improving a patient’s overall satisfaction with their end result, so this led us to looking at other treatment methodologies.

IntraPulse protocols and standard ESWT treatments are quite different from another. Atlantic Men’s Clinic is committed to providing patients with thorough, highly effective treatment options, as the leader in Florida in treating Erectile Dysfunction. We understand that each of our patients is an individual, so it made sense to create personalized treatments. These treatments could be customized to suit the needs of our patients and offer them a solution to help achieve the results they want.

Learn more about erectile dysfunction with our free special report!

Low Testosterone

Men can better build muscle, have more energy, retain an adequate sex drive, sleep better, and much more when testosterone levels are normal. Low testosterone levels can negatively affect men’s overall health that result in low energy, lack of sex drive, weight gain, and more may not just be “normal aging.” At Atlantic Men’s Clinic we know Testosterone is a vital hormone for men and we’d like to help.

There are a lot of testosterone myths out there. Let’s clear a few things up...

There are a lot of testosterone myths out there. Let’s clear a few things up...

Premature Ejaculation

You may not know that premature issues can be managed and treated at Atlantic Men’s Clinic. During your private consultation, you can receive customized advice, techniques, and treatment for your unique concerns. Premature issues can be frustrating, and you and your partner deserve a satisfying sex life, AMC can help.

Premature Ejaculation can be effectively treated. Read our free report.

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