Thomas is a Family Nurse Practitioner with a Masters of Science in Nursing/Family Nurse Practitioner Specialty from the University of St. Augustine.

His medical career began with several years of hard work as an RN in urgent care settings and in the emergency department. Then, he transitioned to the hospice setting as an FNP before coming to Atlantic Men’s Clinic. Thomas’ nursing skills are outstanding, but beyond his technical abilities, he has deep compassion for patients, their health struggles, and wants to be an ally for them.

Thomas has a talent for empowering patients to change their lives through restorative health care by keeping up with the cutting-edge advancements offered in the clinic. He’s able to explain complicated procedures in a clear way that instills confidence in both provider and practice. Thomas has a knack for providing patients with the utmost professional care in order to help them attain optimal sexual health and overall wellness… and ultimately change their lives.

In his free time, Thomas enjoys skiing, travel, woodworking, and helping his daughter train as a fastpitch softball athlete.

Chuck Snover is a Physician Assistant with a Master of Medical Science from Salus University. His impressive career began as an Air Force Special Tactics Pararescueman where he performed 3 Deployments to Afghanistan as a Combat Medic.

Following his military career and a hard-earned Master’s degree, he worked for 2 years in Family Practice, 2 years in Emergency Medicine and 2 years in Urgent Care before transitioning into Men’s Health.

Chuck’s transition into the Men’s Health field stems from his passion to provide cutting-edge solutions for common health conditions that so many men face. Ultimately he wants to help men heal their (oftentimes) strained romantic relationships through effective health care treatments.

Chuck leads by example and is also a humble, continual learner. He believes in staying current with new and upcoming treatment options, and offering the best medical advice available for his patients. He helps to create a safe and comfortable environment for men to seek treatment.

Maylin Rodriguez is a Family Nurse Practitioner, with a Master of Science from the University of Miami. But her learning didn’t stop after 6 years of medical studies. She has a passion for gaining new knowledge that carries over into her daily life. Maylin is an avid reader and podcast listener - with an emphasis on the medical field.

Her “bedside manner” is unmatched. She has a keen ability to connect with patients and make them feel comfortable, even in uncomfortable situations. Her expertise in recommending effective treatments helps patients feel confident to stop living a life of suffering, and work towards solutions.

Maylin chose to work with Atlantic Men’s Clinic due to its good reputation for patients’ respect and well-being, which are values of hers as well. She quickly became an asset to the clinic, and thrives on the life-changing “before and afters” of men who have been successfully treated.

Her downtime looks like a good book and a snack. Her favorite foods include Peruvian, Spanish, Mexican, and Italian.

Dr. Abrams has significant prowess in the practice of Urology with over 40 years of medical and clinical experience in the field. His background is both broad and diverse and includes a number of prestigious medical organizations including seven years as a Medical Supervisor with the Boston Medical Group. In that capacity, Henry’s capabilities and leadership brought much to the practice in helping patients and adding to the organization. 

Dr. Abrams believes that all men deserve to have a fulfilling life and to enjoy intimacy for as long as they would wish to. As such, he found the Atlantic Men’s Clinic to be a great place to continue his personal mission of increasing awareness of effective treatments to improve and maintain male sexual function. Additionally, his desire to help expand the overarching aspects of male sexual and restorative health care is a perfect fit with the Atlantic Men’s Clinic mission to help men in these critical areas of life.

As the former Governor of the American College of Surgeon, Dr. Abrams is a valuable member of our team and brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and capability to the Atlantic Men’s Clinic. But beyond all this, it is his commitment to improving the lives of our patients that adds so much to our breadth of therapies and high level of personalized care.  

Dr. Abrams received a Bachelor of Science at City College of NY and an MD at NY Medical.

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