ED and Aging

Erectile Dysfunction is already a commonplace issue… we see it (and treat it) every day in our offices. But it becomes even more common with age. So even if you’ve never struggled with ED before, the likelihood that you’ll experience it at some point in your life is fairly high… and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

At what age do men experience Erectile Dysfunction?

Men may experience some form of ED during their lifetime, and it can happen at any age. Whether that be the inability to obtain an erection, maintain an erection, or climax… most men will be familiar with one, or all, of these symptoms of ED. And the struggles may only progress with age. The Massachusetts Male Aging Study (MMAS) concluded that 52% of men, age 40 to 70 years, experience ED, and that ED is strongly correlated with age.

But there are even more reasons that a man may experience Erectile Dysfunction beyond natural aging. For example, it is likely that older men are taking medications for other health concerns, and those medications may interfere with their abilities to obtain and maintain an erection. For instance, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, and more may be correlated with a man’s ability to “perform.”

What are other potential side effects of ED?

Beyond the physical symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction, men may feel a significant decline in their psychological wellbeing. It’s not unusual to experience feelings of failure, guilt, anger, blame, depression, and more due to ED. Relationships are often adversely impacted, and may even break down due to misunderstandings associated with ED. In turn, all of this together can really affect a man’s quality of life and psychological health.

Male Sexual Function

A man’s ability to have sex is not as simple as it would seem. There are three main factors that go into male sexual function:

  • Libido (desire for sex)
  • Ability (achievement and maintenance of an erection)
  • Orgasm (ejaculation)

“Ability” is actually quite complicated, and there can be many factors that impact this portion of sexual function. These factors could be neurological, anatomical, hormonal, psychological, vascular, or even lifestyle-related. Because there are so many different reasons why a man could struggle with ED, it’s important to tailor your treatment to your individual causes.

How to Treat ED

Many men start with oral or injectable medications to try to treat ED. And some men try vacuum machines and penile prosthetics if medications don’t work. But at AMC we hope you won’t have to go that far. Our treatments are proven to be effective in treating sexual dysfunction, even where pills have not worked. In fact, we guarantee results during your first visit depending on the treatment provided*.

*Some treatments we offer can have an immediate effect. In most cases, we will offer to administer a test dose of this treatment if medically advised during an individual’s first visit to our office. Because this treatment is incredibly effective, we offer a guarantee with this first-visit, test dose: if it does not prove effective according to the standards outlined by our medical providers upon visit, then that individual’s visit is free. Please note this offer is for a specific treatment; other treatments require multiple doses/applications that will be charged to the individual. Please ask us about our guarantee when you visit. If a test dose is refused or not medically advised, the initial consultation will remain a $99 charge.



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